H O L I D A Y 

Young, a self-professed Christmas devotee, goes all-out

with the nostalgic decor. You won’t find sleek baubles or simple metallic accents in this house. Instead, the traditional, festive decorations are ceremoniously deposited smack in the center of the room; undeniable focal points that, when set against Young’s more pared-back quotidian aesthetic, really pop.


- Elly Leavitt, Domino Magazine

The guests of honor? Young’s antique ornaments, which he started stockpiling when he was five—now, the collection surpasses 1,000 pieces. He’s spread them out between the three trees in his home (one in his bedroom, one in his art studio, and one in his living room) and each one serves as a sentimental reminder of the holidays.

- Elly Leavitt, Domino Magazine

The ornament collection] started when I was a kid because of my late grandmother, Rose. When I was a kid, I used to walk into her living room, and she would have all these beautiful ornaments, each one unique—actually, some of the things on these trees are hers from the ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s. I don’t think the holidays should be generic. It’s a great time to bring out heirlooms and things you’ve collected over the years. Decorating is a constant case of, “Do you remember when we got this in New York or when we got this in Paris?” It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it creates nostalgia.


- Elly Leavitt, Domino Magazine

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