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If there's one effect Young sets out to achieve in a space, it's juxtaposition. There is a through-line from his interior design work into his art. "I think there's an art to successfully mixing vintage with modern and traditional with contemporary so that the overall look and aesthetic comes across as authentic, intentional and curated," he says. "I love creating environments where the two elements can live cohesively and you get such a sense of harmony. The design is such an emotional thing to me as well. It either feels right, or it doesn't."


- Sacha Strebe, MyDomaine

 There are so many great finds throughout the apartment, both new and old, but given the size, curating these pieces was the hard part. Young's rule of thumb? Only allow things into the space that you absolutely love. "I'm always looking, sourcing, and curating, and I can find inspiration really in anything," he says. "Both old and new!"



Perfecting the color palette is something Young is very passionate about. While a neutral palette might seem easy from an outsider looking in, the reality is very different. Finding the perfect white is no easy feat. And it's no lie that Young loves or as he says "lives for" neutrals, but it was also important to him to add some color to break up the space and give it some soul.

His color palette typically consists of ivory, cream, white, black, mahogany, saffron, gold, silver, and a hint of blush. "It's my go-to in everything I purchase and source, and it's prevalent throughout the apartment as well as my art studio and within my work," he says.


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