S T U D I O 

 Perusing the carefully controlled mess, it can be tough to tell where Young’s art begins and ends. The room and its antique furniture, minimalist objets, patinaed classical busts, stacks of vintage books, and other kinds of elegant clutter have all been shaped by the same deeply personal aesthetic that ties his Portrait Art, Géométrique, Rétrograde, and Bibliothèque collections together.


- S. Pajot, The Maryn

Select photographs by: Marta Xochilt Perez

His works of art are very much modern, contemporary things, yet they have classical elements, and even a nostalgic quality. “That’s very much what I’m about, and it’s very much what I want to create. I want to make a piece that, even though it’s contemporary, it will in some way take you back in time. I’ve sought genuine ways for my work to be aged, because I want my work to seem as though it’s collected, archived. I hate anything that’s brand-new or sterile.” 

And there is also some nostalgia to the place where he does that work. “It is funny that, however many years later,” he says, recalling the basement work space of his teenage years, “I finally have my studio, my sanctuary, again.”


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